Business Agreement


This AGREEMENT, made as of the date set forth by and between Driver Dispatcher Services Inc. (hereinafter the “COMPANY” and the undersigned “business” (hereinafter “business” or the “representative of your business”).

By accepting this terms and conditions, both parties hereto agree as follows:

  1. You will pay the courier fee (delivery fee) to the Independent Courier who is providing the services for the “COMPANY” upon arriving to your business. All courier fees for your business can be found in your account.
  2. You will pay the “COMPANY” dispatcher fee including SMS tracking fee, iOt button fee, SMS request fee for use of the “Company” app along with the card fee if your customer choose to pay by debit or credit card at the door. All “COMPANY” fees will be accumulated in the week and will be withdrawal from your account every Monday. Any unpaid fees can result in your account being in suspend mode. You will not be able to use the app until the full fees are paid.
  3. You have agreed that once the Courier have picked up the order and have left your establishment, any canceled order occurred after, the Courier will still be compensated for the Courier fee (delivery fee) minus the card fee and “Company” dispatch fee.
  4. If the Courier has to turn around and pick something up that was missed in the order, the courier must be compensated. Compensation can the negotiated between the courier and your “Business” or “representative of your business”.
  5. You have agreed to not establish outside communications or relationship with the driver outside the app. Any violation that occurred can result your business from future use of the app.
  6. Any chargebacks occurred from your customers that was used on our payment processing machine will be reimbursed to the “COMPANY” in full amount.
  7. You have agreed that “You” or “Representative of your business” will only make request for the courier when the order is ready to be delivered. You must compensate any wait time for the courier. The rate for wait time will be $.25/minute.
  8. You have acknowledged that the wait time for Couriers will vary from time to time. Please use your judgement to notify your customers the estimated delivery time.
  9. You understand that the all couriers are “INDEPANDENT CONTRACTORS” to our “COMPANY”. Any disputes on a delivery will be dealt between the “INDEPANDANT CONTRACTORS and your “BUSINESS”. Our company will act as a mediator and will provide proper action upon hearing from both parties. Our “COMPANY” will not cover loss or damaged goods OR any fees occurred in this dispute.