How It Works



Once you’ve taken your customer’s order, it’s time to collect their delivery info. To provide the best service, we will need the customer’s name, cell phone number (primarily to send order tracking info, but also so that the driver can call them if necessary), method of payment (cash or card), and of course – their address, making sure to always ask whether they have a unit number. Please be sure to double check their delivery info by repeating it back – especially the address and phone number.

How It Works



To determine the customer’s delivery amount, you must first determine the distance to their address from your business. The easiest way to do so is by using the Driver Dispatcher app, but you could even use Google Maps if you needed to. The first 4km are considered the “base rate” (which is $5-$8, depending on your business type), and each additional kilometre (or portion thereof) is $1. You will add this amount to their order total and provide them this total so that they know what they will need to pay the driver upon their arrival. (Please see the FAQ for more information on delivery fees and dispatch charges.)

How It Works



Prepare your customer’s order and package it securely for delivery, such as soup containers inside two plastic bags tied tightly to prevent spills. Double-check the order ticket to ensure you have all items, including beverages, condiments, and cutlery.

How It Works



Approximately 10 minutes before the order is ready to be picked up, you simply push your Driver Dispatcher button to request a driver! You can also dispatch via the app, or even by sending an SMS or giving us a call, but the button and the app are the quickest and easiest! Using GPS, the system locates the closest available driver and sends them your request. The button and the app will both tell you as soon as a driver has accepted the request, so you will immediately know when a driver is on their way to your business.

How It Works



When the driver arrives to pick up an order, they will pre-pay for it on behalf of the customer, less the delivery fee. Upon delivery, the customer will pay the driver for the combined order amount and delivery fee, via their chosen payment method. Driver Dispatcher provides its own card payment machines to save both you and the driver time by eliminating the need for them to return to your restaurant with the customer’s cash payment or your own card machine.

How It Works



As they leave your restaurant, the driver sets their status to “on route”. This sends a text message to the customer’s cell phone, letting them know that their order is on its way to their door. The text message also provides a link to a map that allows them to track the delivery in real-time. Once the delivery is successfully finished, the driver sets their status to “Complete” and they are automatically returned to the active drivers list, ready for a new delivery.

How It Works



Unlike the other apps, Driver Dispatcher has a flat-fee service charge for each order you dispatch – it’s not a large, variable percentage that negates all your profit. Some businesses opt to cover the service charge as a cost of doing business (and to encourage more delivery orders by having a lower delivery cost for customers), and some choose to include this charge in the customer’s delivery cost – either way, it’s entirely up to you. As a business owner, you know what’s most feasible for your profit margin and for your customers, so you can determine the delivery charges that work best for your business.